Welcome to the Affordable Attorneys Group


Hi! Welcome to my group!  I am attorney Rob Taylor.  For over two decades now, I have helped thousands of individuals solve their financial problems by wiping out their debts through the Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy process. My goal is always to solve your financial problems in the fastest, least expensive, least stressful, and most convenient manner possible - period.   If you have financial problems, are contemplating bankruptcy, and looking for advice in a relaxed, cordial, non-judgmental atmosphere, look no further. I offer a free one hour bankruptcy consultation, either in my office or over the phone - your choice. Rest assured, here you will never be pressured to file bankruptcy.  In fact, if I believe there is a non-bankruptcy alternative that better serves your interests, I'll recommend it.  Bankruptcy is not always the best solution. So, if you are ready to set up a free consultation or just want to ask a few questions, call me at (714) 962-1892 or go to the "Contact Us" page and leave a message. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Nobody Offers a Better Price


If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, chances are you do not have cash to waste.   That said, you do not want to make your financial situation worse by hiring a paralegal or an attorney who does not know what they are doing. As a smart consumer and someone who has decided to take control of their financial future, what you need is the least expensive "good" bankruptcy attorney. Fortunately, you found his website.


For a simple Chapter 7 case I charge between $1,199.00 and $1,499.00, depending on the level of service YOU want. Do not be hoodwinked by some lawyer who filed his first bankruptcy last month, or some mega-bankruptcy mill where once you have written your check, you will never see or speak with your attorney again (assuming you even met with an attorney in the first place).  I honestly believe you will not find a lower price for my level of experience and service. In fact, I guarantee it. For detailed information on fees, costs, and our guarantee, see our Pricing & Guarantee page.

Rob Taylor, Esq.

Nobody Offers Better Service


Before, during, and after your case, no other bankruptcy attorney is going to be more "hands on" or more accessible. When you hire me, you get me. You consult with me and I answer all your questions. I prepare your bankruptcy petition, I answer all your phone calls, I go to court with you, and when your case is long done and over, I will still be here to answer any questions (be it 5 days or 5 years). I know you are going to feel a great sense of relief when your case is over - that is easy. My goal is to get you to feel that relief from your very first phone call.

Why Hire Us?


Nobody Makes It as Easy or Convenient


For most cases, we will do all the paperwork together in my office. While other firms will give you dozens of forms to complete, we will ask and discuss every question. We will tell you what documents we need, and make the applicable calculations for you. This will make the process less burdensome for you, while assuring that your bankruptcy is prepared right the first time. Need help with credit counseling or debt education requirements? No problem. I will refer you to the easiest, least expensive providers. If need be, you can even complete these requirements in my office. Need a credit report?  Copies of past tax returns?  Other documents?  I am here to help. There is almost nothing I will not do to make the process easier for you!


Nobody Beats Our Guarantee


For the majority of Chapter 7 cases, we guarantee that you will receive a Chapter 7 discharge or your money back. I do not know of any attorney in California that makes that guarantee. Yes, there are some exceptions and fine print, which you can read more about under Pricing & Guarantee. However, most cases will qualify and if yours does not, we will let you know why upfront. For the most part, ALL that is required from you is honesty and accuracy. Your honesty and accuracy, coupled with my exceptional attention to detail, is why my Chapter 7 discharge rate is over 99%.

Make 2024 the year you get out of debt, wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start.